On July 29, 2014, the El Paso City Council voted unanimously to rename the Ysleta branch public library in honor of Sergio Troncoso. City Representative Eddie Holguin, Jr. initiated the motion to rename the library. On October 2, 2015, a rededication ceremony was held at the library.

El Paso Public Library: Sergio Troncoso Branch Library

El Paso Public Library, Sergio Troncoso Branch Library, 9321 Alameda Avenue, El Paso, Texas, 79907.
Creative Commons License for photograph: CC BY-SA 4.0)

Sergio Troncoso: “I am grateful and honored to have this public library branch named after me. Ysleta is, and always will be, my home, the place where I was born and grew up as a child. The first place I wrote about as a writer. The El Paso Public Library was so important for me as a young reader, so this honor has a deeper meaning for me. It is the kind of place where I found sanctuary in El Paso as a poor kid who loved to read. The public library was ‘home’ for my mind and my imagination.”

For those who wish to donate to the library, contact the library branch manager below and specify that your donation to the ‘El Paso Public Library’ should be used exclusively for the Sergio Troncoso Branch Library.

Derek Najera, Library Branch Manager
Sergio Troncoso Branch Library
9321 Alameda Avenue
El Paso, TX  79907

Telephone: 915-212-0453

Sergio Troncoso Branch Library Blog

Former Branch Manager John Faria, Former City Representative Eddie Holguin, Jr., Sergio Troncoso, City Representative Claudia Ordaz, and El Paso Public Library Deputy Director Mark Pumphrey

Bertha Troncoso, Sergio Troncoso’s mother

Sergio Troncoso talks about the importance of reading and public libraries and thanks the community at the official rededication ceremony of the Sergio Troncoso Branch Library.

“We know that having Mr. Troncoso’s name on one of our libraries will inspire young people to seek higher levels of learning in hopes that one day, they too will be able to give back to their community, as Mr. Troncoso has done, through hard work, dedication and a never-ending faith in education.”

---El Paso Public Library Director Dionne Mack

Library staff: Elsa Rodriguez, John Faria, Stephanie Castro, Sergio Troncoso, Debi Alvidrez, Lluvia Parral, Martha Molinar, Jessie Myers, and Matthew Ramirez

Dionne Mack and Sergio Troncoso

Winners of the 2017 Troncoso Reading Prizes:

“After I heard about this honor and after the city council voted for it, I thought about how I could inspire children and young adults in Ysleta to love reading and stories just as I did. That’s why I decided to establish the Troncoso Reading Prizes. It is one way I can continue to give back to the Ysleta community and encourage the love of reading and writing.”

My Trip to the El Paso Public Library,” “Encouraging Kids to Read, Encouraging Kids to Excel in School” andWhy Read?by Sergio Troncoso.

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9-12th grade category:

1st Place: Amber Esperanza Madrid, Valle Verde Early College High School

2nd Place: Katya Neida Compian, Del Valle High School

3rd Place: Amy Ruby Diaz, Ysleta Middle School

5-8th grade category:

1st Place: Aaron Avila, LeBarron Elementary School

2nd Place: Savannah Vega, LeBarron Elementary School

3rd Place: Edgar Aragon, LeBarron Elementary

Maria Manigbas and Aaron Avila